Capsule wardrobe: More outfit ideas for a week-long ski trip

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Packing for a week-long ski trip can be tricky because it combines two kinds of outfits: what you’re wearing on the slopes, and what you’re wearing everywhere else. The solution? I organize my packing list with a capsule wardrobe.

As with this previous capsule for a week-long ski trip, I’m getting more with less by choosing mostly items that can be worn for both situations.

The same capsule can work for a weekend trip if you cut it down to the track pants, jeans, 2 tops and a sweater; I used just such a packing list on an overnight ski trip myself.

Tops. Building outfits out of layers isn’t just versatile in this case, it’s practical. The colder it is, the more knit shirts you can stack together. The slim sweater [similar] adds warmth under your ski jacket; the chunky sweater [similar] is good for out and about.

Bottoms. Adidas track pants are a classic option to change into from your snow pants at the end of the day, and can serve double duty as lounge wear. The fleece pants [similar] will, too. And throw in one pair of well-worn denim.

Underwear. Whether you call them long johns, thermals, long underwear or base layers, you’ll need one top layer and one bottom layer. Silk is ideal, but there are great options in synthetic fabrics, too. The knit tops above are inexpensive HeatTech tops from Uniqlo that can also do double duty as base layers for both skiing and under everyday winter wear.

Outerwear. I couldn’t resist the retro style of this ski jacket; it reminds me of my first days learning to ski in the ’80s. Finish your accessories with a ski hat, scarf and UV protective sunglasses [similar].

Shoes. Keep your toes warm with well-insulated snow boots. You could go a whole week with just one pair, but two different boot types will give you options.

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