Capsule wardrobe: Winter maternity clothes

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capsule wardrobe : casual and career maternity wear

Less Frantic Mondays: Tips and tricks for getting dressed and creating working mom outfits with less hassle and more fun.The clothes you wear during pregnancy are pretty much a capsule wardrobe by definition. Unless you’ve got a bottomless wallet, you want to buy the least number of things possible since you’ll only be wearing them for a few months.

This capsule wardrobe of maternity clothes will build multiple outfits for a week or more.

Maternity clothes capsule wardrobe

To take you from casual weekends to days in the office, I’ve mixed T-shirts and denim with comfortable knit dresses and separates, like a basic pair of black pants. (As a martial artist, I couldn’t resist the Ninja in Training tee.)

The shirts can layer underneath the dresses or tunics when it’s cold and the cardigan can be worn on top of everything. Bonus: The v-neck dresses can double as nursing wear post maternity leave.

As for the shoes: yes, they’re more practical than fabulous. But for every mama who walks through her pregnancy in stilettos, I think there are more of us who waddled through in comfortable shoes!

This capsule can also form the basis of a maternity wardrobe for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters–or whenever your baby bump requires the extra room. Add a few more of each type of item and you can get dressed for months.

Break up the boredom of repeats with accessories. Lots and lots of accessories.

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2 Responses to “Capsule wardrobe: Winter maternity clothes”

  1. Chiara

    Thanks! I am starting now my third trimester, and it’s funny you more or less showed what I have (with some variations, esp. for colors). It gets a bit frustrating to go on for 6 months with the same clothes, but I don’t have infinite funds. I found I can reuse some non maternity stuff, like the turtlenecks I wear under my dresses, and that I hate the look of maternity shirts. Another good idea is leggings with a longish tunic – depending on the tunic, in may look very sophisticated (a colleague defined it “existentialist-style”).