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1 outfit, 3 body shapes: fall outfit idea

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1 outfit 3 body shapes: fall outfit ideas

Usually when I show how one outfit idea can be put together to flatter different body shapes, I keep it at the same outfit level across all of the shapes (and the same style, too).

This time, I started with the idea of a fall outfit with a white or light-colored top and khaki bottoms. But as I looked for pieces that would flatter the pear, apple and flute silhouettes, I found myself getting a little more creative.

Let’s take a look at the variations of this fall outfit idea.

For accessories, I decided to go with fun sneakers and backpack style bags for all three. The sneakers and bag vary by the outfit level and style, from Chuck Taylors for Classic (what else?) to metallic trimmed Adidas for Chic.

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1 item, 3 levels: casual, weekday and dressy outfit ideas with a chambray shirt

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1 item, 3 levels : chambray shirt

When I was putting together these outfit ideas with a chambray shirt for three of the 5 Levels of Working Mom Outfits, I could have taken the easy route and kept them all at the lower levels of casual.

But no, I wanted a challenge. I wanted to see if I could create a Level 5 Date Night outfit with a chambray shirt.

Did it work? Let’s break it down.

  • Level 1: Weekend Casual. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. A chambray shirt is a neutral piece you can wear with just about anything else casual. It works as a shirt the way denim works as pants. I could’ve gone with the obvious (khakis), but these patterned track style pants caught my eye. A little more playful, but a little more bold. Not your style? Stick with a solid neutral, like the aforementioned khakis. Classic white kicks round out the ensemble.
  • Level 3: Casual Friday. A skirt makes it more work-worthy. Red loafers and bag give an otherwise neutral outfit a little more zing, and play off of the pattern in the skirt.
  • Level 5: Date Night. The challenge outfit! I figured I could get away with a cotton shirt in a going-out outfit by pumping everything else up, in both style and pattern: dress, shoes, clutch and chunky necklace in bold graphics with a splash of bright yellow. Against this palette, the shirt acts as a sort of unstructured blazer. That’s the theory, anyway!

What do you think, mamas? Would you mix a more casual piece with dressier ones for a Date Night outfit? How do you wear your chambray shirt?

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1 outfit, 3 body shapes: travel outfit ideas

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1 outfit, 3 body shapes: summer travel outfit ideas

Whether traveling by car, train or plane, I find a sleeveless top and longer shorts, combined with a top layer for occasional spots of high-intensity A/C, to be an easy travel outfit. Here’s how to make this outfit combo work for 3 body shapes.

Complete your look with a fun pair of flat sandals and a colorful coordinating watch.

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How to work athleisure into your wardrobe

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how to work athleisure into your wardrobe

Sportswear as fashion is nothing new; it first emerged in the 1930s in New York, most notably from designer Claire McCardell, and reached a new zenith in the ‘70s with collections from Bill Blass and Geoffrey Beene. So the recent trend of “athleisure” is really just a 21st century version of a 20th century concept.

Some credit this latest emergence of the trend to women who began wearing their gymwear everywhere, and some tie it to the rise of Lululemon (and maybe even back to Juicy Couture), but it’s come a long way since then, as designers have entered the category and begun to merge it with the recent emergence of technical or “smart” fabrics.

For Sporty aesthetic mamas in particular, this means you have more choices than ever. Here’s how all of us can work athleisure into our wardrobes.

How to wear athleisure

  • Be careful about wearing it head to toe. Some athleisure pieces are more athletic than leisure. If you have on nothing but gym clothes, then you’ll look like you’re dressed for the gym. Mix in your athleisure pieces with others and now your outfit is more transitional: Weekend Casual, not Gym Ready.
  • Use them as layers. I began mixing athleisure clothes into my everyday wardrobe when I realized how much more comfortable some of the technical fabrics were. Lightweight, wicking and often smooth to the touch, they make great layering pieces.
  • Go beyond the ordinary. The athleisure wear category has expanded so greatly that it’s no longer just a matter of fancy running tights or $100 yoga pants. You can find designer collaborations like Mary Katrantzou and Stella McCartney for Adidas, niche brands like Splits59 and Outdoor Voices, and specialty lines like Tory Burch’s Tory Sport. Even Beyoncé has entered the game with her Ivy Park label. You’d never know some of these pieces are athleisure (and at some of these price points, I’d never wear them to the gym!).

Athleisure pieces also work well in situations where you might be, well, sweaty, if not sporty, such as a day at a theme park or a summer festival.

How (and where) to buy athleisure

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Outfit ideas: 3 ways to wear pink & floral for spring

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outfit ideas: pink & floral for spring

These outfits are all created from pieces in this spring capsule wardrobe. The wardrobe’s focus was pink and floral, so each outfit has at least one pink or floral item.

From that small set of items, I put together 3 ensembles for a range of both temperatures and outfit levels:

  1. Casual Friday, cool weather: This outfit layers the two long-sleeve pieces to create the warmest outfit in the mix. The trousers and scarf make it more work appropriate; the canvas flats keep it more casual, thus Level 3 (Casual Friday).
  2. Client Meeting, warm weather: This is the warmest weather outfit of all, with a tank top and cotton pants. I’m cheating a little bit to say it’s a Level 4 (Client Meeting) outfit since the footwear is sandals, one of the small limitations of only building outfits from the capsule wardrobe pieces.
  3. Weekend Casual, mild weather: T-shirt, denim, slip-on shoes, beautiful day. A cute little Level 1 (Weekend Casual) look.

Add the cardigan to outfits #2 and #3 and the level of dressiness doesn’t change, but they become more suitable for cooler spring weather. You could also wear the white shirt under either the pink tank top or the floral graphic tee.

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Capsule wardrobe: Winter into spring

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capsule wardrobe :: winter into spring

No matter what the groundhog’s shadow says, the transition from winter into spring always seems to take too long, and is often a bumpy ride.

We’re sick of our winter clothes, but it’s nowhere near warm enough yet for the lightweight things they’re selling in the stores. What to do?

The solution: a capsule wardrobe that combines items that can be layered for warmth and temperature variability with a palette full of spring-like color and florals.

Wear the cardigans with the dresses or over the tees with jeans and khakis. Not warm enough? Keep piling on the layers: long sleeve T-shirt, short sleeve T-shirt, cardigan.

If you’re bored to death of your knee-high boots, switch them out for ankle booties—and why settle for gray when you can go metallic silver?

One final note: In the spirit of reducing and reusing, some of the pieces in this capsule are from online consignment sites ThredUp and Vestiaire Collective.

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1 winter weekend outfit, 3 styles

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1 outfit, 3 styles: winter sweater, pants & boots

This trio of variations on a single outfit combination are an illustration both of different kinds of outfit level and different kinds of personal styles.

Let’s break it down.

A winter outfit doesn’t get more fundamental than a sweater, pants and boots. If the pants are denim, you’re safely in weekend territory; the type of jeans can take you from casual to chic. Trade the denim for a pair of black pants and now you’re talking Casual Friday.

Thus the kind of items in an outfit determine its level. Mostly.

It’s when you apply a specific aesthetic to those items that things get interesting.

The first two styles, Classic and Modern, are decidedly dressier. The Classic pants are a timeless wool and the Modern pants are a far edgier faux leather, but you could easily wear either to brunch or even the office.

The Sporty outfit, on the other hand, remains firmly in the realm of the casual, as this style often does. If the Sporty mama wanted to take it up a notch, she wouldn’t be uncomfortable in the Classic Fair Isle sweater, and she might swap the track pants for a pair of black khakis or black denim.

All three outfits are livened up with a splash of color from red boots, all weather appropriate, but all in harmony with their style category.

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