Drab to fab: Travel outfit idea

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drab to fab: travel outfit

Kick your outfits up a notch. Drab to Fab shows you how to choose clothes for your everyday outfits that will make you feel like a more confident, put-together version of you.

More Fabulous Fridays: Wrap up your work week with a working mom style treatTraveling, especially flying, has become less like a fun adventure and more like a mountain expedition. There’s you, your suitcases (not checked because who wants to pay the baggage fees), your kids and your food (which you’re carrying on because they aren’t going to give you anything to eat on the plane).

No wonder you want to dress comfortably! But comfort doesn’t have to mean drab. Just because you don’t enjoy the travel doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your travel outfit.

Here’s how this casual travel outfit idea goes from Drab to Fab—without losing the comfort.

  • Fit. Trade in those baggy sweatpants for something a little more streamlined. These travel pants are just as forgiving, and they won’t wrinkle.
  • Selection. Save the sweatshirt for the gym or early-morning dog walks. Try a chambray shirt for your cover-up. It’s got a bit more style and is more versatile, too: now you’ve got another shirt to wear when you get there that you didn’t have to stuff in your suitcase.
  • Pattern. Keep the long-sleeved T-shirt but trade the plain solid color for something a little more fun, like stripes. Bright color would work well, too.

Still want to wear colorful sneakers? Try a pair of classic Vans. Cute and not nearly as bulky. If you’re flying, get the slip-on style for easier security line passage.

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