Drab to Fab: Weekend day trip

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Drab to fab: Weekend trip

Summer is the season of travel, whether it’s 2 weeks in Europe or a day trip on the weekend.

For the latter, I like the idea of combining comfort with a bit of polish. You want clothes that will survive the ride without looking like a capital T Tourist when you step out of the car.

Trade that square, boxy T-shirt for one with a bit of shape and a cute pattern. And who says you have to wear shorts in the summer? A knit maxi skirt can be just as cool and easy to wear (and this one is only $20 at Target—score!).

Toss the fanny pack and try a cross-shoulder bag instead. Save the running shoes for the gym and try a pair of casual athletic shoes, like these classic French Supergas. White goes with everything, but I’m always a sucker for a happy, sassy red.

Your casual watch will fit right in; other jewelry is optional, but if you want to wear a necklace, a simple pendant does the trick.

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  1. Holly Hester

    I love all the pieces you put together for this post! Fabulous! And how do you make them like that? All together with a white background overlapping each other? It looks amazing!