Dreaming of Spring 2011 with a shopping wish list

By IN Advice, Find Your Style

Spring! It can’t come soon enough, right?

I don’t care if March 1 isn’t the official first day–it’s close enough for me! And spring means shopping for new warm-weather wardrobe items. It’s a great time to mix in a few new things that are inspired by the runway trends.

So my shopping wish list for Spring 2011 focuses on these types of garments (and accessories, too!).

  • Yellow. Bold and citrus colors were everywhere and nothing is cheerier than sunny yellow. It’s a hard hue to wear, so I don’t have a lot in my closet right now. This spring feels like the year to try some on.
  • Military and nautical. Military trends cycle in and out every few years, as do the nautical twists on the theme. I’d like a military-inspired jacket with some detailing, and maybe a navy-striped bateau T-shirt to go with it. So classic. Pack it away when it looks too dated and it’s ready to pull out again in another couple of years.
  • High-waisted/flared jeans. Normally, I’d be scared of these. (Marsha Brady, anyone?) But I tried a pair on in H&M and they were cuter than I’d expected. Plus I’d like to wholeheartedly encourage the return of rises on denim that are in the neighborhood of my actual waist.
  • Patterned/floral tops. There was a lot of patterned fabric on the Spring 2011 runways, including florals. There’s something about a floral print that feels fresh and new. The trick is to find a pattern that’s right for your shape, not too tiny and not too large.

And these aren’t even all the trends, of course. Many designers also did sheer layering as well as neutrals and nudes. But my wardrobe’s already full of neutrals, and I find layering sheer garments to be too much work to pull off properly.

Dream on!

  • What’s on your wish list for this spring?