How to dress gracefully for your age

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First Lady Michelle Obama is fabulous and age-appropriate

First Lady Michelle Obama is fabulous and age-appropriate

This month is my half-birthday. That is, I’m an Aries, and my next birthday is in 6 months. And it’s one of those big deal milestones that end in “0.” In fact, it’s the zero-year milestone.

So now, more than ever, I’ve begun to shop and clothes edit with an eye toward age appropriateness.

(After all, most of us can’t graduate from our 30s and continue to pull off the kinds of ensembles that Sarah Jessica Parker and Madonna do. One must have a lot of money and an amazing Pilates instructor.)

For me, these are the key areas to watch out for.

How to dress gracefully for your age

  • Skirt length. “What Not To Wear” proclaims “No miniskirts after 35.” In fact, they’re a challenge at many ages unless you’re blessed with shapely legs. If your gams are great, you don’t have to trash your miniskirts completely, but forego wearing them bare-legged. Pair them with tights and knee-high boots, or leggings and flats.
  • Neckline depth. By the same token, watch the plunging necklines, ladies. A little décolleté is fine for evening, but it looks cheap on younger women, and terribly aging on the rest of us. Try a wrap top or boatneck.
  • Too-trendy items. Nothing says Trying Too Hard like sporting an outfit — or even an obvious item — straight from the racks at Hot Topic. This is not to advocate dowdiness; there is a world of choices in between Forever 17 and Talbot’s.

Tell me — what are your rules for being fabulous at every age?

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