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Street sign for Fail Road: Does your blog make these 5 mistakes?This week for Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, Katy posed the following: This was inspired by a post by Beautifully Invisible called The 10 Things About Your Blog That Drive Me Crazy. But before you read it, list the 5 things that drive you crazy about blogs you visit.

I wouldn’t say that these pet peeves drive me crazy; for the most part, they’re small annoyances that I don’t pay much attention to. (OK, except for the first one. And maybe the last.) But other than those two, I had a hard time coming up with five.

So after a little deliberation, here are my 5 things that (somewhat) annoy me about blogs I read:

1. Typos, misspellings or bad grammar. As a former copy editor, I have a hard time ignoring these, especially since most blogging software has built-in spell check and mistakes can be edited out of published posts with the push of a button. And if you honestly don’t know when to use “it’s” versus “its,” get thee to The Oatmeal, where he will teach you grammar and spelling while leaving you crying with laughter.

2. Incomplete RSS feeds. I read most blogs I follow through their RSS feeds because it’s the only way I can quickly skim through so many posts. Nothing’s more frustrating than clicking one open and getting a sentence or two. Your post has to really be genius for me to bother clicking through to your blog to finish reading it.

3. No photos. Even the best written post is more fun to click to when there’s a photo to go with it. We humans just like looking at pictures. Dress up the text if you can.

4. Too many ads. The content is buried in a sea of blinking, rotating banners. I don’t know where to look first. Banners are fine–I have some myself–but the trick is to balance their placement against the content. Don’t let the ads win. (And watch out for that animated creative. One is OK; 2 or more looks like Vegas.)

5. Facebook commenting. This is a new one, so not many places use it yet, but it annoys me already. On its surface, it seems like a great idea–require commenters to sign in with their Facebook accounts so it requires real names, an avatar image is automatically supplied, and the commenter’s comment is fed to their Facebook wall stream, thus giving your blog more exposure to their social network.

What I don’t like about it is that Facebook comments also pull in either your most recent job title and company or your college name in alongside your name. When I’m commenting as a private person on an individual blog, I don’t want the name of my company associated with that. Furthermore, I have a specific persona associated with my style blog that I want to promote when I comment on other fashion blogs. I don’t want my comment to link to Facebook. I don’t want more Facebook friends; I want the crosslink to go back to my blog.

Want to keep your blog pet-peeve free? The SITS Girls had a recent series of educational posts about improving your blog; here’s one on making your blog easier to read and interact with.

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This post is part of Modly Chic’s Fashion Beauty Friend Fridays. And it’s the 100th post I’ve written on The Closet Coach!


8 Responses to “Friend Fridays: 5 pet peeves about blogs”

  1. Melissa {momcomm}

    Thanks for the shout out to the SITS post! I agree with everything you said. I also don’t understand the trend with the FB commenting thing. Ick!

    Congrats on it being your 100th post too!

  2. Beautifully Invisible

    Great list. This is the first time I have heard of facebook commenting – that isn’t something I have come across myself yet, but I can already tell I wouldn’t like it.

    Re: your question about your contact information – I have to admit it took me a bit longer than usual to find yours, and it wasn’t where I first looked. Have you thought about adding a “Contact Me” field to your main menu (next to Frontpage, Browse, Subscribe)? I honestly think it’s just as important as the other 3 items in your main menu. Just an idea 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading your responses, and congrats on your 100th post!

    • Closet Coach

      Thanks for the critique. Unfortunately, I don’t think my theme allows me to add any more primary nav, at least not through the WordPress dashboard. I need to buy chocolate for my friend who knows CSS so he can show me how to add it in! 🙂

  3. Oh to Be a Muse

    Really great FBFF post. I agree with your points here. I never even thought of the facebook commenting before, but you do make a good point. 🙂


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