Get the most out of sample sale shopping

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Save even more at sample sale sites with these tips [dollar bill detail]

Save even more at sample sale sites with these tips.

Who doesn’t love shopping at the sample sale sites? From Rue La La to Swirl, there are daily bargains to be had on designers well-known and up-and-coming.


The discounts themselves, however, aren’t the only way to save when sample sale shopping. Savvy buyers can stretch their discount dollars even further by following a few tips.

Here’s how to get the most out of sample sale shopping

  • Have a plan. It’s all too easy to leap at a good bargain, especially one that’s time-limited. But it’s not a deal if you wind up buying something you didn’t really need. Have a plan for what you need to add to your wardrobe, whether by garment or even designer, then wait to buy when they’re available. Then you’ll really feel like you’ve made a good deal.
  • Know your measurements. Most sites only offer store credit, not exchanges, and some sales are final. The only way to have an idea whether something will fit you is to have your measurements ready and compare them to what’s listed in the item’s description. Measure, too, your favorite shirt and jeans so you know what shirt length and pants rise you prefer.
  • Act fast. Every site has a method of notifying you in advance when sales are beginning, and most have weekly emails that list that week’s upcoming sales. Pay attention and add to your calendar those that contain the items you’re looking for (see “Have a plan,” above). Then shop the minute the sale starts; it’s the only way to get the item you want in the size you need. Wait too long and you could be out of luck.

(Here’s more about getting a bargain while shopping, at sample sale sites and elsewhere.)

Let’s dish

  • These are my tips for getting the most out of shopping at sample sale sites. What are yours?
  • What’s your favorite sale site? Rue La La? Gilt? Ideeli? Swirl?
  • What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten online?

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