How to buy a blazer for the inverted triangle (apple) shape

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Best blazers for the inverted triangle (apple) shape

Previously I answered a reader question about buying a black blazer for the pear shape—sometimes also known as the triangle because this body silhouette is wider at the bottom (hips) and narrower at the top (shoulders).

Since everyone should own at least one wonderful, fitted blazer let’s turn our attention now to the opposite of the pear/triangle—the inverted triangle, sometimes called the apple. (Can you guess what this shape looks like? Yep: wide of shoulder and slimmer of hip.)

Here are tips to help you buy a blazer for the inverted triangle shape (apple)

Not too surprisingly, they are mostly the opposite of the tips for buying a blazer for the triangle.

As with all garment-shopping, the goal is to balance out the silhouette by making wider parts appear narrower, and narrower ones a bit wider. This tricks the eye into seeing an hourglass, the ideal balance.

  • Avoid padded shoulders. Well, this one’s a bit obvious, isn’t it? Even so, it can be tricky advice to follow since many tailored jackets pad the shoulders.
  • Lengthen the torso. The longer your torso looks, the narrower your shoulders will appear in comparison. Stick to one or two-button jackets with a deeper yoke. Make sure it’s a longer length (i.e. below your waist)
  • Keep lapels narrow. Ideally, they should also point downward, away from the shoulder. This is another way to accomplish tip #2, torso lengthening.
  • Double-breasted jackets are not your friend. Remember, you want a deep yoke with narrow lapels; double-breasted is pretty much the opposite of that.
  • After you buy it, tailor it. Off the rack, chances are high that your jacket still won’t fit your torso the way it should. You’re lucky, Ms. Triangle, because the shoulders are the hardest part to alter on a jacket. Find one that fits the width of your shoulders and the rest can be taken in to fit.

Although you’d think that a fitted blazer would emphasize how your waist is narrower than your shoulders, in fact it’s more flattering because it will also emphasize your hips, making you look more balanced overall. A boxy cut simply makes you look wide all over.

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  1. Will

    Another tip would be when you get it tailored, make sure you pay attention to where you nip in the waist of the jacket; the higher you nip in, the longer the blazer will appear so whatever you choose make sure it is proportionate, your tailor should be able to advise on this!