How to buy a blazer for the pear shape

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Best blazers for the pear shape

A reader writes to ask where she can find a good, all-purpose black blazer. You know the kind: you can wear it with jeans, to work, or on a date night.

My reader has a silhouette with narrow shoulders, so she especially needs a blazer that will balance out the widest part of her body, through the hips. This is most commonly known as the pear shape.

Blazer silhouettes that flatter the pear shape

So let’s start with that garment shape.

  • First we want to add definition to the shoulders. The easiest way is with shoulder pads. Really. (Don’t worry, we’re not going to get all Alexis Carrington here—we’re talking light padding.) And make sure the jacket fits here perfectly. The end of the shoulder seam should align with the end of your shoulder bone. In fact, a wardrobe staple like this one is worth tailoring to fit if needed.
  • Draw the eye upward with detailing around the collar. Or try a statement necklace or sassy scarf!
  • The jacket should also taper in at the waist, to emphasize your narrowest area and further create an hourglass shape balancing top and bottom. A boxy cut will just make you look bigger.
  • And watch out for pockets on the hips; square ones can add bulk while angled ones can be more flattering.

Finally, make sure the length is right: you don’t want the bottom of the jacket to end at the widest part of your body, which is most likely your bottom or your thighs. Look for one of two lengths: at or just above your hipbones (best if you are petite), or fingertip length.

(And if your body shape is just the opposite, with wider shoulders and narrower hips? Here’s how to buy a blazer for that body shape, the apple or inverted triangle.)

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2 Responses to “How to buy a blazer for the pear shape”

  1. Jennifer

    Thanks! Me likey the Ralph Lauren. Budget may steer me to the Limited, though.

    • Heidi

      And thank you for the question! For what it’s worth, it looks like the Ralph Lauren is on sale for $199–but the Limited jacket is a nice, classic look. They’re having a suit sale right now, too; you might even be able to pick up a blazer and skirt/pants.