How to buy a T-shirt for the apple (inverted triangle) shape

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Best T-shirts for the Inverted Triangle (Apple) Shape

I’ve written about how to buy a T-shirt that’s more flattering to your female form than a man’s big ol’ boxy version—and specifically how to do so for the pear shape, also known as the triangle.

This time it’s only fair that her opposite number, the apple (inverted triangle), gets her due. This is the silhouette with narrow hips and wider shoulders.

As with my guides to buying blazers for the pear and apple shapes, the advice for one is really the inverse of the other.

So here’s how to buy a T-shirt for the apple (inverted triangle) shape.

  • Minimize your neckline. You want your shoulders to appear narrower, rather than wider, so skip the wide-necked styles and look for a V-neck or a deep scoop.
  • Watch the size. This is just as true for you as it is for the pear; baggy doesn’t flatter anyone. You especially want a shirt that’s slightly narrower in the middle and flares out at the bottom to create that curved line at the hips.
  • Think empire. Instead, try to find styles that are more fitted on top and looser as they flow down from beneath the bust. This is sometimes easier in a blouse than a traditional knit T-shirt, but the principles are the same. Wrap shirts can offer a similar effect.
  • Pay attention to length. Like the pear, you want your hemline to hit just about at the hipbone. Try on tops in varying lengths to see which one looks best.

Color can help you, too. A color-blocked T-shirt that’s darker on top and lighter on the bottom will give the appearance of being narrower in the shoulder while also being right on trend.

(By the way, some stylists consider the apple and inverted triangle to be two different shapes, with the apple having a thicker abdomen. But the advice here should work for them both.)

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