How to buy a T-shirt for the pear (triangle) shape

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Best T-shirts for the Pear Shape

Confession time: When it comes to T-shirts, do you default to the standard men’s size large Hanes Beefy tee and call it a day?

If that’s you (and I won’t tell), then here’s my goal for you today: no more men’s T-shirts on your woman’s body. They flatter no-one; unless you’re flat-chested and narrow-hipped, you are not shaped like a man.

(And if you are flat-chested and narrow-hipped? Congratulations, you’re a model. Wear whatever you want.)

So what kind of T-shirt should you wear? Well, one that flatters your body. And by “flatters” I mean—as I always do—that it gives you a balanced silhouette by making wider parts appear narrower, and narrower ones a bit wider.

This means different things for different people, so here’s how to buy a T-shirt for the pear (triangle) shape—the one with hips wider than shoulders.

  • Draw the eye upwards. Look for details at the top of the shirt, like buttons, a bow or other detailing. Or try color and pattern, like a stripe.
  • Widen the shoulders. Try a neckline like a boatneck (bateau) or scoopneck—or even a cowl.
  • Don’t go too big. Baggy shirts don’t make you look smaller; they make you look shapeless. You want fitted, but not tight, especially if you have a bit of a tummy. If you do go looser, think draped, not voluminous.
  • Watch the length. The hemline should end past your waist, just below the hipbones. Otherwise, your hips are emphasized and your body looks cut in half. And never, ever go cropped.

Once you’ve found a perfect, flattering T-shirt (or two or three), have fun styling it. T-shirts are super versatile, and can take you from Level 1/Weekend Casual all the way up to Level 4/Client Meeting (if you wear it under a suit).

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