How to change your wardrobe once you become a mom

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Wardrobe update for new moms

When you’re getting ready to become a mom for the first time, usually the only clothes you’re thinking about are cute onesies for the baby, and maybe the maternity wardrobe you are growing so very tired of.

How-To Tuesdays: Style advice and answers for working momsBut your post-baby outfits may need some adjustment, too–at least until your little ones have outgrown the days of finger paints and mud pies.

Here’s how to change your wardrobe once you become a mom

  • No more fussy fabrics. Not only will easy wear fabrics like knits be more comfortable chasing a newly walking toddler, but they’re a lot simpler to toss in the wash, too. Bonus points for anything labeled “stain resistant.”
  • Keep the ensembles simple. It’s a matter of practicality. Days on the playground aren’t made for dressy wear. This is a classic time to go for Weekend Casual–or maybe Weekend Chic if you’re feeling sassy.
  • Go for some stretch. Having a baby is transformative; it changes your life and your body. (Post-pregnancy pooch, anyone?)  And sometimes your body continues to evolve post-partum, too, if you’re working to take off pounds or get into better shape. Clothes with a little bit of stretch–look for something like Lycra or Spandex on the label–are more flexible to change with you.
  • When in doubt, try it on. Speaking of your evolving body, as your body shifts even months after delivery, clothes drape differently. What didn’t work then might work now (and vice versa).
  • Give your maternity clothes a second chance. You might be tired of them, but take another look at those classic cut and solid color maternity tops, especially if you are nursing and/or pumping; they may drape to show that you are indeed no longer pregnant and allow fabric to tastefully cover a breastfeeding baby or easily hike up when pumping.

Which brings us to the special category of nursing wear.

Breastfeeding mamas, especially those of us who also pumped at work, will tell you they’ve all found various strategies for nursing-friendly tops and bras. Here are some examples for pretty nursing bras (they exist!), what to wear to pump at work and 10 things to wear as a nursing mother.

(And a special thanks to Estella, new mom to beautiful boy Miles, for her input and suggestions.)

  • Fab mamas: How did you update your wardrobe once the kiddos arrived? What are your nursing wear tips?

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14 Responses to “How to change your wardrobe once you become a mom”

  1. MJ

    Love this post! I know what you mean about your body completely shifting! I had my first daughter six months ago and I’ve totally had to change up my wardrobe. I’m going for more dresses now because their cute and comfortable (and if I have to go to the playground, I just throw on some shorts under them! LOL)

    • Heidi

      I love an easy dress for comfort with style! Great with shorts or leggings, or even skinny jeans.