How to save your style sanity with go-to outfit formulas

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Go-To Outfit Uniform

As much as I like to experiment with what I wear and come up with new and interesting outfit combinations, there are days when I just don’t want to. Either I don’t have the mental energy or I just don’t have the time.

If that describes you on most mornings (don’t worry, I won’t tell!), that’s where an outfit uniform can come in handy.

I don’t mean an actual uniform, of course. I’m talking about that go-to combination of items you’ve worn before and that you know looks great on you.

Now, there’s a danger in sticking to the tried-and-true. Comfort choices can become a rut; easy becomes boring.

Here’s how to save your style sanity with go-to outfits without getting stuck in a fashion rut.

  • Find the pattern. What is it about your favorite outfits that make them work on you? Is there a particular combination of garments, a color, a silhouette? Take that one favorite outfit and look for ways to replicate it with other things you own. Turn your uniform into a formula.
  • Mix the ingredients. Do you have a couple of favorite top-and-skirt combos you turn to again and again? If the palette permits, try swapping the pieces and wear this top with that skirt.
  • Freshen up with accessories. Make an old outfit look new again with a different belt, an unexpected necklace, or an added scarf or jacket.
  • Get edgy. Feeling especially daring? Grit and Glamour blogger Vahni’s “Worker V” outfit formulas feel fresh because each piece is often in an unexpected cut, shape or fabric. Consider trading some of your tried-and-true items for ones that are similar in concept but more dramatic in style.

You can see this advice in action in two outfits I’m wearing this month. Last week I wore a black top and light patterned skirt, set off by a neon belt. Tomorrow’s outfit is essentially this pattern of top and skirt, but in reverse: the skirt is dark and the top is light.

Whatever trends come and go, I can always fall back on this combination of straight-fitting top and skirt in black and white, punched up with accessories.

  • Fab mamas: What’s your outfit uniform? Does it make you feel comfortable to put it on or are you tired of wearing it?

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