Less Frantic Mondays: Be a style thief!

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Less Frantic Mondays: Tips and tricks for getting dressed and creating working mom outfits with less hassle and more fun.When it comes to creating new outfits, who says you have to be completely original? (What’s that they say about imitation and flattery?)

I’m here to tell you it’s perfectly OK to steal, er get inspired by, outfit ideas from other people.

You can find these inspirations anywhere and everywhere. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • pay attention; I often notice well-dressed women at the mall, on the street or on the subway
  • read style blogs (and then find others to read by looking at who those blogs link to)
  • start a board on Pinterest
  • browse through the collages on Polyvore
  • check out celebrity photos online or in magazines; they pay big money for stylists to create their looks, after all!

And here’s an example: I totally copied this outfit from Refinery 29. (Thanks, Refinery 29!)

  • Fab mamas: Who gives you style inspiration?

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