Less Frantic Mondays: Take note

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Less Frantic Mondays: Tips and tricks for getting dressed and creating working mom outfits with less hassle and more fun.As much as I love clothes and style, unless it’s super spectacular or a tried-and-true, I don’t tend to remember outfits I’ve worn.

In fact, one of the main reasons I’m glad I started taking weekly outfit photos is purely for documentation; the photos remind me of successful (and less so) outfit combinations I can wear again.

Why reinvent that particular wheel, once you’ve found it? (Rolled it?)

You don’t have to go that far, of course. When you discover a new/great outfit combination, write it down. A simple notebook, or even a piece of paper, will do.

Tuck it in your sock drawer and pull it out when you’re short on time or ideas. Instant outfits!

  • Do you write down or otherwise keep track of past outfits so you can wear them again?

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