How to master layering

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Master the art of layering clothes for outfit creativity and variation

The genius of a capsule wardrobe is the ability to create lots of different outfits from just a few pieces. And the way you do that is often through layering.

How-To Tuesdays: Style advice and answers for working momsThe more creative you get with your layers, the more variation you can get with your outfits. Especially at the end of a cold weather season that seems to last forever, outfit variation can save you from style boredom.

How to master layering for more creative outfits

If your layering technique previously stopped at “sweater over shirt” or “long shirt over short,” try these tips for mixing it up.

Aside from its creativity, layering is just downright practical. Getting more wear from fewer things works on a big scale (letting you trim down your wardrobe and gain more closet space) and a small one (packing is easier the less you need to bring).

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