Personal style definitions: Boho

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What is Boho style and is it *your* personal style? Learn more about what Boho is--and where to find it.

Can’t tell classic style from chic? Not sure what “boho” means, anyway? The Personal Style Definitions series cracks the code on some of the major style categories.

While the term “Boho” as a style designation is relatively new (and single-handedly created by Sienna Miller, if the fashion press is to be believed), its characteristics aren’t. Many of the aesthetics ascribed to Boho would have been called hippie, and maybe even grunge, in decades past. (The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style gives it another name: California Casual.)

This is the style of freedom, eclecticism, earthiness.

How to tell if Boho is your style

Warning: generalizations ahead! There are always exceptions to these “rules,” of course, but it’s quite likely that if Boho is your style …

  • your wardrobe contains pieces like a peasant skirt, faded denim and a printed wrap blouse. Materials are organic, not synthetic. Your shoes are gladiator sandals. Your necklace is made of wooden beads.
  • you wear labels like Free People and Charlotte Ronson, and shop in stores like Urban Outfitters or Topshop.
  • your style idols include Stevie Nicks, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Jade Jagger.
  • your color palette is earth tones and washed out colors.
  • you prefer being thought of as natural and relaxed.
  • you enjoy creating outfits by pulling pieces you love and combining them in new ways; you love style that’s serendipitous, rather than deliberate.

A perfect Level 2/weekend Chic outfit: scarf blouse, faded bell bottom denim and slouchy boots, worn with stacks of beaded bracelets scored on Etsy. (Here’s a great example of this outfit type from Holly of My Years of Fabulous.)

If she wears other styles, you’re most likely to find a Boho woman in pieces that are Romantic.

Boho Mamas, does this sound like you? What would you add to the description of this style category?

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