Personal style definitions: Romantic

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The Romantic style aesthetic is characterized by soft lines and delicate details. Is this your personal style?

Can’t tell classic style from chic? Not sure what “boho” means, anyway? The Personal Style Definitions series cracks the code on some of the major style categories.

The most traditionally feminine of the different style aesthetics, Romantic is soft, floral, sweet, playful and even whimsical. As a category, in fact, it’s a bit wider in definition than the others. One end of the Romantic spectrum is lacy, almost Gilded Age; the other end is girly in a Gamine way, with tiny patterns, like florals and polka dots, and bow accents; and somewhere in between is Shabby Chic.

(The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style replaces Romantic with two categories: Gamine and Bombshell. Little girl and hot mama, if you will.)

A Romantic style lover is not afraid of a little volume, a lot of details or color, both washed out and candy bright. This lady knows her way around a tulle skirt.

How to tell if Romantic is your style

Warning: generalizations ahead! There are always exceptions to these “rules,” of course, but it’s quite likely that if Romantic is your style …

  • you love decorative details, like lace, ruffles, ribbons and bows
  • your closet contains such items as a bow-tie blouse, floral skirt, loose knit sweater, a lace top, espadrilles and lace-up boots and a cameo necklace or fine chain with delicate stones
  • your color palette is full of whites and either soft pastels or candy colors
  • you shop at or in vintage stores, where you hunt for items like silk blouses from the ’30s or full skirts from the ’50s
  • you love labels like Kate Spade, Betsey Johnson, April Cornell and, for the fierce Romantic mamas, Rodarte
  • You look to the style of such celebrities as Vanessa Paradis, Kirsten Dunst, Penelope Cruz or Zooey Deschanel
  • you love outfits that accentuate your femininity; you’d rather wear a maxi skirt on the weekends than a pair of denim

If she wears other styles, you’re most likely to find a Romantic woman in pieces that are Boho.

A perfect Romantic Client Meeting outfit is a floral silk wrap blouse that ties at the waist and a full circle skirt, accessorized with delicate gold jewelry or even a vintage piece.

Romantic mamas, does this sound like you? What would you add to the description of this style category?

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