Personal style definitions: Sporty

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Sporty is the personal style category of sportswear, activewear and all forms of easy dressing. Is this your style?

Can’t tell classic style from chic? Not sure what “boho” means, anyway? The Personal Style Definitions series cracks the code on some of the major style categories.

Confession time. How many of you, when you heard the style category “Sporty,” instantly thought of Sporty Spice? (I knew it!)

You’re not far off, though.

Born as sportswear at the beginning of the 20th century, the label first referred to clothing for sports, then by the ’20s came to mean informal and casual separates (a revolutionary idea after the days of corsets and full-length dresses). Later came the concept of activewear, again referring to clothes meant to wear for sports or physical exercise.

Sporty, then, includes all forms of dressing with ease: from activewear to outdoorsy, sportswear to menswear. It’s about comfort; comfort from your clothes and with your body.

(Sporty: also the best style of clothes to wear when escaping the Zombie Apocalypse.)

How to tell if Sporty is your style

Warning: generalizations ahead! There are always exceptions to these “rules,” of course, but it’s quite likely that if Sporty is your style …

  • you love natural fibers like linen, cotton, wool, plus fabrics with a bit of stretch
  • your wardrobe contains items with an easy fit and simplicity of shape, like boot cut denim, a knit maxi skirt, or a crewneck sweatshirt, plus athletic style flats, like the kind Puma makes. If you wear jewelry, it’s a simple chain and a sports watch.
  • your color palette is primary colors and muted neutrals
  • you shop at sites, stores or catalogs like Title IX, Athleta, Columbia, Eddie Bauer, J. Jill, Lands End or L.L. Bean
  • you love labels like DKNYpure, Gap, Madewell, Jil Sander, and Rag & Bone
  • you look to the style of such celebrities as Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Hutton, Christy Turlington
  • you love outfits that are relaxed without being baggy, body skimming without being tight

If she wears other styles, a Sporty woman may wear pieces that are Boho or even Classic.

A perfect Sporty weekend casual outfit is a scoop neck T-shirt worn with a knit maxi skirt and athletic flats, paired with a simple necklace and sports watch.

Sporty mamas, does this sound like you? What would you add to the description of this style category?

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