The Core Wardrobe: Essential jackets and blazers for every occasion

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The Core Wardrobe for jackets and blazers includes 3 options you can wear for Working Mom Outfits at the office or meeting with clients.

The Core Wardrobe is a list of the classic, fundamental clothes around which you can build outfits for any occasion. Each week in this series we’re exploring another clothing category. Today’s Core Wardrobe category: jackets and blazers.

The Core Wardrobe for jackets and blazers

How-To Tuesdays: Style advice and answers for working momsAs with the Core Wardrobe for skirts and for dresses, the idea is to have the fewest number of blazers to suit the greatest number of occasions, across a range of Working Mom Levels. And as with both of those categories, neutral colors–black, navy, gray, brown–will be the most flexible.

  • Neutral-colored lined, fitted blazer, ideally wool. Any outfit is instantly dressier with a good quality, well-fitting blazer; look for a style that flatters your silhouette. (Here’s how to find blazers for the apple and pear shapes.) Even the most casual mamas will find a few times a year when they need a Client Meeting level outfit and a blazer is one of the easiest ways to put one together.
  • Embellished jacket in a fabric such as tweed, suede or leather. This gives you another option for a jacket completer piece that isn’t quite as businesslike as a blazer. You might even opt for one in an unstructured knit.
  • Two-piece suit: a fitted blazer with either skirt or pants, in a neutral color. As with the single blazer, every mom’s closet should contain at least one suit. You may not wear it to work every day, but you’ll be glad you have it when an important client event comes up–or you’re heading out on job interviews for your next big career move.

In any category, this recommended list of basics is just that: recommendations. It starts with pieces that are the most universally wearable, but your personal style is the ultimate guide.

It’s also just a starting point. If your workplace is quite casual, you may not need a structured blazer at all. If you’re at a law firm or another much more formal office setting, you may need several in a variety of colors and weights–and multiple suits, too.

  • Fab mamas: What would you include on a list of basic jackets and blazers for every wardrobe?

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8 Responses to “The Core Wardrobe: Essential jackets and blazers for every occasion”

  1. déjà pseu

    I’ve long felt that a jacket is the piece that pulls a simple outfit together, but for a few years it seemed that everything out there was either too boxy or too mannish. Lately I’ve been finding some great jackets again and am thrilled.

    • Heidi

      There are so many more options than there used to be, which is so helpful for different bodies and different tastes.

  2. Sylvia @ 40PlusStyle

    ha, you are featuring a blazer that will be featured in a post on Friday at my blog! (the yellow one) Completely different topic though. I like your series on wardrobe essentials!
    You asked about the collages in my blog? (arty flat shoes) Were you referring to the top picture? That is made in Adobe Fireworks. I use it for all my image optimising and graphics creation. The collection of shoes at the bottom is drawn from a widget from Reward Style, an affiliate programme. If you’re not familiar with that, I can send you an invitation. Let me know!

    • Heidi

      Hi Sylvia: We must have great taste 😉

      Yes, I was referring to the photos at the bottom. I have a RewardStyle account, but I haven’t played around with the widget yet, so I’ll have to try it!