The Fab mama Style Manifesto

Frantic But Fab.

I read a lot of blogs and tweets and status updates and online chatter of all kinds.

Too often I see articles and declarations that appear to be surprised by the discovery that women who are moms are still … women. Beautiful, fabulous, amazing women. “Moms can have style?” they seem to ask.

And too often I see blog posts and updates by moms who don’t feel beautiful or fabulous or amazing at all. “How can moms have style?” they seem to ask.

Yes, moms can have style.  Yes, you can have style.

The first step is declaring your freedom to be fabulous. This manifesto frees you up to believe in and feel like the most amazing version of yourself you can imagine.

Repeat after me …


The Fab Mama Style Manifesto: Declare your freedom to be fabulous! #fabmamas

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Have Fab Mama Style Everyday

Believing in Fab Mama Style is just the first step on your path to becoming a more fabulous mama. The next step is learning how to live out the manifesto every day.

No More Yoga Pants: The personal style transformation system that will teach you how to dress better, shop smarter and reclaim your style!Go beyond the basics and reclaim your style mojo. Jump start your fabulousness and learn how to:

  • Ignore the trends and discover your true personal style
  • Stop buying clothes that don’t fit your body (and why size doesn’t really matter)
  • “Edit” your closet like a professional stylist
  • Build a better wardrobe while spending less to do it
  • Put together outfits that fit who you are today (not who you used to be or who the magazines say you should be)

It’s all included in the personal style transformation system, No More Yoga Pants: How to Dress Better, Shop Smarter and Reclaim Your Style.

For less than a pair of new jeans from the Gap you’ll get a complete package of 8 fun, easy-to-follow steps, worksheets and bonus guides that will take you from “I don’t know where to start!” to “Look at me now!”

Remember: you are a fab mama right now, right here, and you’re only getting better. The Manifesto says so!

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