Reader question: When can I use straw bags?

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Kate Spade's Darlington straw bag

Kate Spade’s Darlington straw bag

Diana writes: “I bought a great straw bag last fall and I can hardly wait to use it. Is it a fashion ‘don’t’ to carry a straw bag before Easter, or after Labor Day?”

The beauty of end-of-season sales is the ability to pick up great items at bargain prices. The drawback is having to wait until that season rolls around again to use your new find.

In the case of a straw bag, though, you don’t necessarily have to wait until Easter. Like all fashion “rules,” this one can be broken–carefully.

It really depends on the kind of material the bag is made of, and how it’s trimmed.

Is it a light-colored, lightweight straw? Is it lined or edged in a pastel color or a floral? If so, this kind of bag truly reads “spring” or “summer” and is best saved for warm weather. Whether that’s before or after Easter may depend on what part of the country you live in!

(And if it’s trimmed in gingham, be careful–you don’t want your handbag to look like a picnic basket, or to be used by Dorothy for carrying Toto.)

A bag constructed of a sturdier, darker material, particularly if it’s trimmed in a brown or black leather, can carry you through the fall and chillier weather. It’s best to tuck it away once the rain and snow arrive, however. Straw is less practical outdoors in wet conditions and besides, isn’t your lovely Coach bag starting to feel unused?

Your turn

  • What fashion “rules” do you flount?
  • Do you have a favorite straw bag? When do you use it?

2 Responses to “Reader question: When can I use straw bags?”

  1. Helene Roth

    I’m interested in the Kate Spade Darlington straw bag. What is the price and how do I go about
    purchasing it? I don’t see anything on your website that refers to purchasing an item.

    • Heidi Strom Moon

      Isn’t it adorable? Unfortunately, this post is a few years old so the bag is no longer available. You might try looking on eBay.