Working mom outfit idea: Anchors away

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This weekend casual outfit idea takes its inspiration from the sea with a nautical T-shirt, red shorts, blue sandals and gold coral earrings.

Image collage site Polyvore is a great tool for discovering your personal style–and finding outfit ideas. Today’s More Fabulous Friday features a look to try from Polyvore.

More Fabulous Fridays: Wrap up your work week with a working mom style treatWhile May 31st’s outfit idea suggested nautical style, this weekend casual look goes all in.

The striped T-shirt paired with bright red shorts and boat-ready Sperry sandals is ready for the seaside or the poolside, especially with the gold coral earrings.

Recreate this outfit with a striped T-shirt in cool colors (anchors optional) plus red shorts and navy sandals. Works great for Fourth of July cookouts, too.

  • Fab mamas: Do you like nautical inspired looks?

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