Working mom outfit of the week: The Little White Dress

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Working mom outfit of the week: The Little White Dress

One of the reasons the Little Black Dress is a wardrobe essential is that a single garment in a solid color is a versatile canvas; you can mix and match it with so many other colors and patterns to create a variety of looks.

Work It Wednesdays: Working mom outfit photosThe same goes for other colors besides black–like white, for example.

This Little White Dress is more like a Little White Sundress. Like white trousers, wearing it requires a bit of Stains Be Damned attitude. Or willful optimism.

I wanted to wear this dress with my new Sam Edelman sandals, so adding a leopard print belt tied the pieces together.

I can also imagine wearing this dress with silver belt and shoes, red belt and shoes or colorful scarf and sandals.

  • Fab mamas: What are your favorite summer dress colors?

Dress: Calvin Klein
Belt: Macy’s [similar]
Shoes: Sam Edelman Trina in Leopard/Mandarin
Working Mom Outfit Level: 4/Client Meeting

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2 Responses to “Working mom outfit of the week: The Little White Dress”

  1. Julie

    Ha! We think alike. I just wrote a white dress post yesterday because I love white dresses in the summertime. This one you’ve found is just lovely. And I think the sandals are perfect. I would never have thought to wear those sandals with a white dress but now that I see it on you, it works!

  2. Heidi

    Thank you! The great thing about a white dress is you can wear *anything* with it, even orange and leopard print 🙂