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Style SOS: Dressing to define your waist

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Style SOS: I'm thick waisted. How do I define my shape?

I’m plus size and thicker through the waist. How do I dress?

Style Q&A: Your personal style questions answeredWhether you’re plus size or petite, or even both, there are a few ways to define your waist to create a more hourglass shape. (Many of the tips for the apple shape apply as well.)

  • On top, define your shoulders with jackets or blazers. Create emphasis across the narrowest part of your torso with a belt or empire-waist blouse.
  • On bottom, look for shapes that are narrower at the waist and wider at the bottom, like A-line and flare skirts, or trousers with wider legs, like bootcuts.

Play around with the proportions until you find a combination that suits you best. (Then go back to your closet and re-assess. Now that you know what works, it’s the perfect time to edit out the clothes that don’t flatter!)

Working mom outfit idea: Hush puppy

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Outfit idea: Casual combo of layered T-shirts, cardigan, denim and Anna Sui for Hush Puppies moccasins
Pattern mixing works when the colors are complementary

// the outfit [level 3/casual Friday] //
T-shirts: Old Navy [similar, multiple colors] / cardigan: Old Navy [similar] / denim: Old Navy [similar] / moccasins: Anna Sui for Hush Puppies AS Glam Wallaby / scarf: Olsenboye [similar]

When I was in elementary school in the ’70s—yes, children, the disco decade—Minnetonka moccasins were a thing. (Because this was Arizona, we got ours down at the Western wear store.) It seemed like we wore them every day, or at least until Nikes became the next thing.

Work It Wednesdays: Working mom outfit photos and ideasI’d forgotten how ridiculously comfortable they are until I came across this pair from comfort-is-their-first-name brand Hush Puppies, made extra fabulous in a collaboration with Anna Sui.

Sparkly. Designer. Moccasins. I was in. The fact that they were on sale only sealed the deal.

Winter weather has interfered with my wear-them-every-day plans, but come spring that will change.

The rest of this outfit is apparently brought to you by Old Navy: T-shirts, cardigan, denim. What can I say? Gap brands are pretty hard to beat for basics.

Fab mamas: What was your must-have footwear in elementary school? (Decade not required :))

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Capsule wardrobe: 3-day winter weekend

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capsule wardrobe: 3-day winter weekend

Less Frantic Mondays: Tips and tricks for getting dressed and creating working mom outfits with less hassle and more fun.Packing for a 3-day weekend getaway in the winter doesn’t have to be bulky. The trick is to limit yourself to a palette of one or two neutrals plus an accent color; then everything you bring can mix and match.

This capsule wardrobe of red and black does just that. The T-shirts can be worn under each of the sweaters, or layered together. And the open fit cardigan can even be tossed over the knit sweater if you’re really feeling the chill.

And if your puffer coat happens to match, too? More chic you!

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Drab to fab: Parent teacher conference outfit idea

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drab to fab: parent teacher conference

More Fabulous Fridays: Wrap up your work week with a working mom style treatKick your outfits up a notch. Drab to Fab shows you how to choose clothes for your everyday outfits that will make you feel like a more confident, put-together version of you.

Whether you work outside the home or not, you want to make a good impression when you meet with your children’s teacher for a parent-teacher conference.

Here’s how this dressy casual parent teacher conference outfit idea goes from Drab to Fab.

  • Fit. Don’t hide your beautiful curves in clothes that are too loose or baggy. A fit that’s more streamlined (notice I didn’t say “tight”) will look sleek and chic.
  • Color. You don’t have to throw away all the black, but why not punch it up with a pop of color (as they say in the fashion mags)? I know I always feel better when I’m wearing my favorite shades.

And clogs keep feet happy, but there are other comfortable casual shoe options, too. I like the cut-outs on these Keds sneakers. (Just make sure your sock selection is worth showing off!)

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Working mom outfit idea: Winter classic

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Working mom outfit idea: Uniform of classic pieces
You probably have the pieces for this outfit uniform in your closet

// the outfit [level 3/casual Friday] //
sweater: Old Navy [similar] / shirt: LOFT [similar] / patterned denim: Habitual Cinch hi-rise skinny [similar] / boots: Aerosoles [similar] / necklace: Kate Spade [rent it]

Work It Wednesdays: Working mom outfit photos and ideasThe pieces of this outfit are almost a checklist of classic wardrobe items: cashmere crewneck sweater, check; white button-down shirt, check; black pants, check; knee-high leather boots, check.

Put them together and you have an outfit uniform most of us might already have hanging in our closets.

The difference between your version of the uniform and someone else’s are in the details.

For me, that includes the bling-y rhinestone and pearl necklace peeking out from under the collar of the button-down shirt and the subtle snakeskin pattern on the black denim pants.

What would your version of this outfit idea look like?

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How to master layering

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Master the art of layering clothes for outfit creativity and variation

The genius of a capsule wardrobe is the ability to create lots of different outfits from just a few pieces. And the way you do that is often through layering.

How-To Tuesdays: Style advice and answers for working momsThe more creative you get with your layers, the more variation you can get with your outfits. Especially at the end of a cold weather season that seems to last forever, outfit variation can save you from style boredom.

How to master layering for more creative outfits

If your layering technique previously stopped at “sweater over shirt” or “long shirt over short,” try these tips for mixing it up.

Aside from its creativity, layering is just downright practical. Getting more wear from fewer things works on a big scale (letting you trim down your wardrobe and gain more closet space) and a small one (packing is easier the less you need to bring).

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Style SOS: How to wear ankle booties

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Style SOS: How to wear ankle booties

Do you have any advice for wearing ankle boots? I’m never sure if I’m doing it right.

I know what you mean! When I first got a pair, I could never come up with anything more creative than just wearing them under a pair of jeans or pants.

Style Q&A: Your personal style questions answeredBut thanks to the inspiration of other style bloggers, I’ve picked up a few tricks. Some of these might work for you, too.

  • Classic. My initial stand-by option: wear them the way you would shoes, tucked under long pants. If your boots have heels or are wedges, you get the same leg-lengthening effect of pumps, especially if your boot color is close to your pant color.
  • Chic. Match your boots to the same color hose and skirt or dress for a chic monochromatic profile. Or try booties and hose in colors that contrast with your skirt fabric.
  • Creative. Show them off! I have a pair with leopard print trim at the ankle, so I wear them with my pants cuffed so the detail is revealed. (I like the look of narrower leg denim cuffed with slim booties and boyfriend denim cuffed with more casual wedge booties.) Or what about leggings + ankle socks + booties?

More ideas: Printed booties; outfit idea for turtleneck, jeans and booties in chic and classic styles; desert wedge bootieswith a skirt. Or try this slideshow of ankle boot outfit ideas from WhoWhatWear.